Conference Theme | “Deregulation driving stability and investment in the Indian Sugar Industry”
Sugar Mumbai India

Sugar Mumbai
Conference Mumbai, India
Conference Presentation - 2014
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Mr. Simon Usher, CEO, BONSUCRO-UK
Dr Gopinathan M C, Advisor Solidaridad-India
International Finance Corporation
Mr. S Parthasarathy, Instrumentation Expert , J P Mukherji & Associates, Pune
Dr. Michael Ferrari,aWhere Inc. USA
Mr. Narendra Mohan, Director, National Sugar Institute, Govt. of India
Mr. JJ Bhagat, Managing Director, STM Projects Ltd, India Keynote Speech: Mr. Simon Usher, CEO, BONSUCRO-UK
Unlocking the extraordinary value of sugarcane.
Transforming Indian Sugar Industry –Need for Paradigm shift in Value Chain Management and Stakeholders Participation.
Sustainable Sugar: Building Partnerships
Role of Steam and Water Quality Analysis Systems in Cogeneration Plants.
Appling Big Data & Weather Informatics to 2015/16 Sugarcane Crop Expectations.
Ethanol-Fuel for Future.
Partnering for Water Eficiency in Sugarcane.
Unlocking the extraordinary value of sugarcane.
Sugar Asia 2014

Sugar Asia 2014