Conference Theme- "Indian Sugar Industry: Need to Balance in Price, Productivity & Technology"
Sugar Mumbai India

Sugar Mumbai
Conference Mumbai, India
Conference Presentation - 2013
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Mr. Arvind Chudasama: Editor, International Sugar Journal, UNITED KINGDOM
Mr. Josef Dorfler: Representative- Asia & Europe Fermentec, BRAZIL
Mrs. Joan Noble: Managing Director Joan Noble Associates Ltd. UNITED KINGDOM
Dr. J.P. Singh: Chief Cane Adviser National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd., INDIA
Dr. Klanarong Sriroth: Vice Chairman, Thai Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, THAILAND
Mr. MEMET HAKIM: Director Emha Training Center, INDONESIA
Francois Rousset and Damien Brichant : NOVASEP ASIA Co., Ltd, FRANCE
Mr. Robert Quirk: Cane Farmer and Inaugural Member-BONSUCRO, AUSTRALIA
Ms. Walaiporn Tiaprasit : NIR Application Specialist, Perten instruments AB, SWEDEN
Ms. Queenie Rojo: Executive Director
Ethanol Producers Association of Philippines, PHILIPPINES
Dr. Rangsit Hiangrath: Director General, Thai Sugar Millers Corporation, THAILAND
Mr. Peter Kristensen: Export Director, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI S.r.l, ITALY
Mr. Jeanroy Alain: Executive Director
Confederation Generales Planters De Betteraves, FRANCE
Mr. Steve Attard: Irrigation Agronomist
Ms. Upsorn Pliansinchai: Vice-President, Mitr Phol Innovation and Research center,THAILAND
Mr. Flavio Castelar: APLA BRAZIL, BRAZIL
Mr. Cyril Suduwella: Chairman of Sugarcane Research Institute, SRI LANKA
Overview of Sugar outlook in Asia
Leveraging Asian Bioethanol
Industry through New
Developments and
Knowledge from Brazil
Will the EU become a net
sugar exporter again?

Factors affecting the sugarcane
Yield and sugar recovery

Recent Situation & Trend of Co-Products in the Thai Sugar Industry
Improvement of Plantation White Sugar Quality for Asian Market
Results of 20 Years work in the
Development of a Green Cane
Harvesting system and full
residue retention in the wet
NIR Analysis Possibilities in Sugar Production

The philippine ethanol Industry

Cane and Sugar Industry in Thailand
Reasons for growing popularity of Direct Shaft Mounted Planetary Gear Boxes as Mill Drive option in Cane Crushing Mills across the world
Prospects for sugar beet ethanol
production in the EU ?
Maximising Sugar Recovery Rates in the Australian Sugarcane Industry
Green technologies for
Sustainable Sugar Industry
Brazilian Sugar & Ethanol Industry, Present & Future
Fuel Ethanol and its applications
in automobiles
Sugar Asia 2014

Sugar Asia 2014