Conference Theme- "Indian Sugar Industry: Need to Balance in Price, Productivity & Technology"
Sugar Mumbai India

Sugar Mumbai
Conference Mumbai, India
Conference Presentation - 2009
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Mr. N. Bhaskar: AMTECH ELECTRONICS Ltd., India
Mr. Robert Quirk: Better Sugar Cane Initiatives (BSI), Australia

Mr. Jose Luiz Oliverio: Dedini

S/A Industrias De Base, Brazil
Mr. Indra Guha: Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India.
Mr. Arvind Chudasama: International Sugar Journal, UK.
Mr. VINAY KUMAR: National federation of cooperative Sugar factories limited, India.
Dr. J R Meshram: Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, India.
Mr. Michael Ferrari: Weather Trends International, USA.
Mr. Litao Yang: Sugarcane research Institute Guangxi University, China.
Mr. V. N. Raina: All India Distillers’ Association (AIDA), India.
Mr. Ye Htut and et al.: Myanmar Industrial Crops Development Enterprise, Myanmar
Dr. Yash Bhargava: Syngenta India Limited, India.
Mr. Rakesh Kumar.: PTC India Ltd., India.
Mr.Yang-Rui Li.: Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China.
Dr. Samia.: Sugar Crops Research Institute,
Agricultural Research Center, Egypt
DR. GURURAJ HUNSIGI.: The K.J. Somaiya Institute of Applied Agricultural Research (KIAAR), India.
AC Drives for Sugar Industries
The Better Sugar Cane Standard "a Triumph of Market-Led Standard Setting for Sugar Cane"
Brazilian Ethanol Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Carbon market opportunities for the sugar industry
Advances in cellulosic ethanol production

Indian sugar industry – future Prospects

Initiatives of MNRE on Bagasse
Cogeneration in Sugar Mills
Long Range Global Weather Outlook and the Implications to the World Sugar Market
New initiatives in sugarcane
production in China
Status and Scop of Ethanol in India.
Sugar and Bioethanol Scenario in Myanmar
Sugar beet - An alternative
feedstock for Sugar and Ethanol
Production in Tropics
Sugar Cogeneration :
Emerging Opportunities in the
Indian Power Market
Sugar crop based biofuel
program in China
Sugar Crops for Sugar and Energy
Energy Security and Importance of Bio Fuels
Sugar Asia 2014

Sugar Asia 2014